EMI Precision Rentals Supplier of quality measuring tools. We offer rapid delivery and stock a variety of speciality equipment. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.
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High quality calibrated precision measuring instruments, mostly suited for high tolerance machinery installation . Ranging from precision optical equipment (Wild T-2 and Leica N-3) to a wide variety of inside and outside micrometers, Pruftechnik laser alignment systems, various sizes of machinist, master and box levels, Dial indicators with magnetic bases, sonic tensioners Pruftechnik pulley alignment tools as well as vibration analysis equipment
We supply customers with quality equipment, exceptional service and delivery of tooling that leads the industry.
Custom Tool Boxes
We also offer custom tool boxes that are job or project specific. Our company representatives can provide you with a detailed tooling estimate of what you require for your project from start to finish, and provide you with all the required tools to complete the job safely, on time and budget. Custom tool boxes are categorized as follows: Pump Alignment, Turbine Install, Paper and printing        machine alignment.
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